Stephen Moore  
  Bio - About Me  
Hello! This is where I tell you all about me. Well maybe not all but at least some background info.

So I grew up in Hudson, MA. Lived there pretty much all my life. I went to public school there until the sixth grade. Then I went to the Fay School for seventh through ninth grade. I finished out high school at the Bancroft school. Then on to college...

I spent four years at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering with an idea that I would go into robotics afterwards. That means I took classes all across the engineering board from Analog Circuit Design, to Processor Design, to Artificial Intelligence, to Control systems.

I also pursued a minor and Fine Arts. (I was one class short at graduation time, in 1998, so it doesn't say that on the diploma.) I concentrated in Electronic Time Based Media. 'What the hell is that?' you might ask. Basically it is media that involves electronics and time. That includes Video, interactive software, Electro-Mechanical installations, and Robotic Art. (See a pattern here yet?) It was quite fun to mix the skills from one class to another.

So after that, I needed a job. I spent a short time at Motorola writing software for a factory in Ft. Worth, TX, until they closed that plant and moved it to Chicago, IL. So I hung out in TX for a few months until my lease ran out, then packed up a U-Haul and headed back to Boston, MA. I worked for Arthur Andersen Business Consulting for two years. (I was let go in January 2002, but it didn't have anything to do with Enron.) While there I worked on web applications for Biotech companies, Financial Management companies and Startups. More fun. Although I feel I was under utilized while there, I don't hold any grudges. Really!

Now as I pursue new employment in Research and Development or Video Games or something (almost anything at this point), I am also starting a multi-media production company with a friend of mine from Andersen (who was let go at the same time). We call it Media-Pipe Productions.

You can look at my resume if you like.