creative reponse (part of a portfolio) to Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

Janie was a girl
a blossoming pear tree
represented her ideas about love, life, marriage, death
that one day when she awakened
to the pollinating kissing bees
the connection, the dream
the ever present feeling slowly being realized
falling in place...brought to view
the laziness...relaxed atmosphere
and yet life was bursting with joy and activity
to be the tree! would be heaven.
Janie was like the bud, waiting to blossom.
waiting for the right moment
What would be the sign?
Janie was searching for
life beyond the gate of Grandmother's house
leaning over the edge
looking around
chance was alight
and Johny Taylor walked by
before..who was Johny? but a plain man
but my oh my how that golden pollen changed him so
the magic in the air turning him from frog to prince
the kiss
Grandmother's punishment
marriage to Logan Killicks
respected man with sixty acres
but oh so ugly...nothing like the pear tree
the disillusionment
"husbands and wives ought to be in love with each other"
the toil, the hardship
the crying
thoughts of the tree
once again Janie leaned over the gate looking for more
this time a change though
she knew this time
marriage did not equal love
Janie's pear tree was dead
Janie was a woman.

written by Helen Lin Huang


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