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tv shows that I like (past and present)

24, Airwolf, Brother and Sisters, CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI: NY, Law and Order, MacGyver, Once and Again, Project Runway, Sex and the City, So You Think You Can Dance, Top Chef, Twin Peaks, X-Files

Last new movies seen in the theater:
Bright Star (- | I loved Jane Campion's other movie, "The Piano" a lot more. This was kinda slow)
Julie & Julia (- | was decent, but not too memorable)
District 9 ( ^ | tense movie)

Last movies/tv seen on video/netflix online/hulu:
FlashForward ( - | still trying to decide if I like this or not)
Three Rivers ( v | only redeeming quality? the eye candy that is Alex O'Loughlin)
MI:5 - Volume 2 (aka Spooks) (^ | Matthew MacFayden. Enough said.)
Mad Men Season 1 (^ | Intoxicating. Strange to care about the main character who is quite handsome, but also quite a cad. He manages to make him mysterious enough to make you keep watching. Great period detail.).

(v) = thumbs down, (-) = so-so, (^) = thumbs up, | = comments

My random comments/rankings

Some Movies that I like

This is a smorgsaboard of stuff that I like and stuff that I've seen and is available on www -- but in general I love movies! I'd say that I prefer dramas and science fiction. And out of those my personal favorites are usually long epics and period pieces.

Favorite Directors (and fave films of theirs)

Favorite Actors (and fave film role or tv role)

Favorite Screenwriters

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hlh, hlh@snurgle.org

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