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This is a calling out to all of you out there on the web. Has anybody out there ever been a fan of this band?

Band members
Symon Bye : vocals
Robert Forrester : guitar
Austen Rowley : bass
Duncan Forrester : drums

A Disclaimer

First I'd like to say that I know very little about this band at all. I haven't seen *any* information out there on the web so I decided to start this little 'ole page. For all I know, nobody will ever venture to take a gander at this little page except myself but whatever...

Message to Visitors of This Humble Webpage

I'd just like to thank everyone out there who has sent me an e-mail telling me about their first experiences of encountering and hearing This Picture. It's always fun and inspiring to hear that other people loved the song, Naked Rain, the first time they heard it as much as I did. :) It's also quite depressing to see so very little information out there on the web about this band. Most of the webpages that I could find indexing "Naked Rain" were singles that people and companies were trying to sell. If I have some time I'll try to put up maybe a 30 second sound clip of Naked Rain so that you'd be able to identify the song if you'd heard it before. (2/24/00).

hlh, hlh@snurgle.org